Why Baidu SEO?

With over 75% of market share and 800+ million Chinese internet users, online brands in China must succeed on Baidu – China’s largest search engine and equivalent to Google.


Although similar in scope to Google, Baidu operates differently and is designed to target the unique behaviours of Chinese internet users. seo agency china  use results-driven techniques to deliver tailored Baidu SEO services that meet your brand’s needs and objectives – building your long-term success with Chinese SEO. We target your audience to bring your business measurable returns.

Baidu SEO Planning


We listen carefully to your needs and seek to understand your business and brands in detail to craft Baidu SEO plans which meet your unique objectives – and those of your Chinese target audience. From carrying out competitor research to delivering a tailored Baidu SEO strategic plan with follow-up analytics, we deliver quality outcomes.

Baidu SEO Planning (Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese) | Market Me China®